SPEQ Junior Golf Kids

Hit the Bull's Eye. Junior-Equipment by SPEQ.

The heads are perfectly made for juniors with a slow swing speed designed with a high loft to get the ball easily up and into the air. All the clubs come with lightweight shafts and soft junior flex, which is specially matched to the kid's height and body.

SPEQ Junior Golf Clubs

SPEQ Junior Golf Shafts and Sizes

There are five different club sizes, which are identified by different colours. This simple colour code makes it easy to find the right clubs for the young golfers.

SPEQ Junior Golf Grip

Even the grip is customized to the kid’s age.

Just Carry On! Bags by SPEQ.

The lightweight Bags from SPEQ provide enough room for all the equipment that is needed, as it has an ideal divider. Thanks to its automatic stand it is no problem to place the bag at any time. Further fantastic features are included as for example the ergonomically designed mesh padded contoured slings and a padded hip pad, which makes it extremely comfortable to carry the bag on your shoulders. SPEQ bags are available in any colour and size.

SPEQ Junior Golf Stand Bags

The Traditional Junior Golf Expert.

Since more than 20 years SPEQ is a traditional German brand that has specialized on kids and junior golf equipment.
Their equipment is primarily proposed for the young golfers needs.


SPEQ Junior Golf Kids
In the 90ies...

SPEQ Junior Golf Kids
... and today.


SPEQ Junior Golf Kids
In the 90ies...

SPEQ Junior Golf Kids
... and today.

Driver #1--33,5“ *38“ *40“ *14°56°
Fairway Wood #323,5“ *27,5“ *32,5“37“39“21°57°
Hybrid #4---34,5“ *36,5“ *28°61°
Iron #5--31“ *33,5“35,5“29°59°
Iron #6---33“ *35“ *32°60°
Iron #7-25,5“ *30“32,5“34,5“36°61°
Iron #8---32“ *34“ *39°62°
Iron #9--29“ *31,5“33,5“42°63°
SW-24,5“ *29“31,5“33,5“50°65°
Putter Blade18“ *23,5“ *---73°
Putter Mallet--28“30,5“32,5“72°
Shaft FlexJ1J1J2J2J3--
Grip ø0.50“0.50“0.54“0.56“0.56“--
Stand Bag--27“
1,4 kg
1,5 kg
1,6 kg
6-way Divider
* Right hand only

SPEQ Supports Learning Golf.

SPEQ is supporting young talent to get professional golf lessons. If you are interested and want to support your kids in training for the 18 whole golf courses, then we will help you to make this happen! To teach the young golfers how to play the game successful and to achieve the most out of it, they need the right equipment. Furthermore, if you are a school that offers golf lessons, then you can get special conditions for purchasing from us.

SPEQ Junior Golf Kids
SPEQ Junior Golf Kids
SPEQ Junior Golf Kids
SPEQ Junior Golf Kids

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